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12th Annual

Competencia Folklórica De Tejas

March 9-10, 2024 | Corpus Christi, Texas 

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What is CFT?

The Competencia Folklórica de Tejas (CFT) is a dance competition that serves as an educational environment where both competitors and spectators can broaden their horizons by observing the many different styles of folk dances from Mexico. The Competencia Folklórica de Tejas is the only folklorico dance competition in the USA that has retained international competitors and focuses on the aspect of group performance rather than individual performance.


Why was this event created?

AFD felt the need to produce an event that would serve the folklorico dance community by providing an outlet to have their traditional folk dance works presented in a professional environment and critiqued by leading experts in the field. The organization also wanted to aid in the preservation of Mexico’s rich heritage and promote cultural diversity among spectators.


  • Alfredo Luna Santiago
    (Coyutla, Veracruz)

  • Yahir Emmanuel Padilla Aceves
    (Culiacán, Sinaloa)

  • Victoria Paola Barriga Cobos
    (Chihuahua, Chihuahua)

  • Lorena Guerrero Hernández
    (Monterrey, Nuevo León)

  • Héctor Manuel Aldana Pérez
    (Tijuana, Baja California)

  • Daniel Olguín Márquez
    (San Juan del Río, Querétaro)

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See you in Corpus Christi!

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