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Dress Code & Class Rules

  • Do not wear dance shoes outside. Change them at the studio. This will keep your shoes clean and in good condition, and protect the studio dance floor.
  • Keep your shoes and dance paraphernalia with you in the studio. Put your name on all of your dance equipment. Do not leave your things in the waiting area. The Studio is not responsible for lost or stolen dance equipment.
  • No unnecessary talking during class. This applies to both students and observers.
  • Absolutely no horse playing will be tolerated in class, performances, etc.
  • No gum, candy, drinks, food, smoking, or cell phones are allowed in the studio.
  • No video cameras are allowed in class without advance permission from the studio.
  • Class uniform will be enforced. Each student should have at least two group shirts. One for every practice and one for performances. Order forms available upon request.
  • Girls: leotard or tight fitting dance top, any color, any solid black or studio t-shirt, black dance pants or sweatpants, jazz pants, tight dance shorts and short dance skirts are allowed over tights, folklórico shoes or adelita boots, black practice skirt, no jeans.
  • Boys, all ages: any solid black or company t-shirt, black dance pants, sweatpants or shorts, folklórico boots, no jeans.
  • No jewelry or watches.
  • Hair must be pulled back from the face
  • Students who fail to show up to class in proper attire will not be allowed to take the class that day.
  • Students must bring their own water bottles for water breaks.

Zero Tolerance: We ask that students are prepared for classes by wearing the appropriate attire, shoes and having hair done accordingly, listening to the instructor, and applying corrections and not wearing street clothes to class. We expect all students to arrive on time, be prepared to dance and display courtesy to parents, instructors and classmates.

Below are recommended companies for ordering practice skirts (black only), shoes and boots.

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